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Adrian Berumen BU1415 photo

So, you're interested? I'm curious to know all your interests, your goals, your passions. Maybe we can heal together? I believe this is an opportunity to experience the highs and lows, then overcome them, as I only wish to add value to you. I stand at 6'3, 224 lbs, and at 17, I was incarcerated, so you know I've had the growth spurt, physically and mentally, during this incarceration. I have not made the best choices; it's true I've earned my stay in prison, though I will say I'm certainly a different person.

I've chosen to list on this platform because the outside world is the motivation for my growth - the growth I must keep up! I love to read, write, and express myself through art. On a daily basis, I can put good music on and get creative. This is where I have found purpose and a reason to make it beyond these walls. I am currently involved in college and many other programs. I paint murals and write books. We will have much to discuss. Maybe we can collaborate? Can I know you? What drives your days? Can we motivate each other? If you give me moments, I'll be sure to make them your best investments. Send me a few words; I'm waiting. Please don't forget to include an address for response.