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Thomas Harris 74370-509 photo

Hi, my name is Thomas, but most call me Tommy. I am 43 years old and unfortunately in prison. I will be 100% honest; I am here for an internet sex offense (receipt and distribution) involving illicit images. I am not happy, nor proud of being here, but to me, transparency is super important. Now, if you've gotten past that part, let me tell you who I am and not why I am here.

I love being outside, on the water, or in the woods. I love motorcycle riding and cars. I'm a huge music fan and love to dance. I used to teach dance lessons (line-dancing, Salsa, hip-hop). I worked for a car dealership in Orlando before I was arrested, as a service advisor. I don't, nor have I ever done drugs or smoked. I am looking for friends who are willing to share some of their time with me, as I know life is busy. I unfortunately don't have access to email right now, but I can make free calls (FYI). Here in prison, I am a GED Tutor, and I play softball and Ultimate Frisbee in my free time.

I hope to hear from you soon and look forward to learning from others!