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What's up?

My name is Joey. I'm striving to meet new and great people from all walks of life. I'm a visionary and love finding ways to uplift myself while uplifting others. I love subjects such as history, poetry, outer space, and ancient Egypt.

I'm looking to network, further my education, and build a mastermind alliance. I would love to collaborate with screenwriters so I can bring my documentary, musical, and movie ideas to life. Finding eco-friendly ways to better our world is on the front of my thoughts. To me, outer space voyages are fascinating to think about. I want to wake up smiling, go to bed smiling, and dream beautifully. I would love to use my life lessons and experiences to provide clear paths to those in need. I would love to travel the world consciously, learning and loving, and definitely trying every cultural/significant dish possible!

I hope WriteAPrisoner aids me in obtaining all of these wonderful experiences. I'm open-minded and welcome all friends. I believe all beneficial relationships consist of both parties bringing something to the table. The "Golden Rule" is something I stand on. Thank you for your time and consideration!! Respectfully.