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Jesse Gonzales 145103 photo

Greetings to all of you beautiful humans all over our world, and thanks for taking the time to read my words. It is an honor to be able to reach out to you, so know that this short introduction letter isn't taken for granted by me. I'm an honest, straightforward, and single 43-year-old man. I love to share laughs and smiles with those I'm communicating with. My personality is slow, easygoing, and quite charismatic. Getting along with people isn't a problem for me.

My sentence is getting short, so I'm attempting to build some new friendships and then be welcomed back into the world, surrounding myself with new and positive people. I love to eat, work, and exercise. I find staying busy with positive things such as PlayStation, pool, and television quite awesome.

My name is Jesse Gonzales, and I was born and raised in Arizona. If you're cool with building a new friendship and opening this online app named to email me directly to my tablet, then let's do it just like Nike says.


Mr. Jesse Gonzales