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Ramon Contreras V99014 photo
Ramon Contreras V99014 photo 2

Greetings. I am seeking friends on the outside in order to get my mind out of the confines of prison life. Lately, I have been busy working on obtaining a Bachelor’s degree and getting back to court so I can get re-sentenced and earn an opportunity at a possible release.

Getting to know people from different walks of life will allow me to escape from my daily routine. I am an easy going person. I am knowledgeable in a variety of topics, and my interests are far reaching.

Corresponding with people is much faster for me now because California has issued tablets to its’ prisoners. People who wish to correspond can download the “GTL Getting Out” app and contact me by entering my CDCR # which is listed below.

However, if putting pen to paper is the preferred method that’s ok too, but correspondence with people outside the U.S. is very slow.

Either way I look forward to hearing from you.