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To whom this blessing may concern,

I have faith that these words will find the right eyes and conscious mind! I'm looking forward to meeting new walks of life, learning, and growing both mentally and spiritually.

My birth name is Billy Sullivan, I'm an allegiant man, very intellectually driven. I'm 34 years old, and my birthday is April 10th. I'm vivacious, ambitious, did I mention charismatic?! Not to overween, but I'm really him in the flesh! I've been incarcerated for 16 years, sentenced to 30 years, but now I feel like it's time I elevate on all levels!

I love to work out, play sports, read, meditate, and laugh! Given my transparency, I can only appreciate the same reciprocity! I'm looking for someone who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go get it! Attentive, open-minded, straightforward, and spiritually inclined!

If you smiled during any time reading this, then, I'm talking to you! Amen.