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I'm looking for LGBTQ+ friendly people to be my pen pals. I'm looking to build my circle of friends, which is now at 3 people. My real family has passed away, and those who are still around have closed their doors to me. I'm mostly alone.

I am bisexual and have been since before I was incarcerated. In prison, there is no in-between: you're either straight or gay. I hope there are LGBTQ+ people out there who want to be in my life.

I would love to meet and build a working relationship with a trans woman, one who is willing to help fix a broken soul. I have had no relationships in my life. I came to prison at 21 and don't really know how to have a relationship.

I pass the time with hobbycraft. I could make something for you if you wish.

I'm sorry for what I did - it was wrong - but I can't keep living in the past. I must move on and see if others can look past my mistakes. I'm doing Idaho time, but many of us are being warehoused in an Arizona private prison because Idaho has no bed space.

Please contact me using the information below and be sure to look me up under Idaho. Snail mail works, but the prison I'm at photocopies everything. A photocopy just isn't the same as a handwritten letter, so I prefer to write via the internet.

I will reply to all who write.