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Hello! My name is Jeremy Railer, but I go by Chavo. I'm Mexican. I'm 5'7", 195 pounds, medium-build-stocky. I'm from and live in Lansing, Michigan. I'm 45 years old. I'm a Leo. Legally, I'm still married, but my wife cheated on me, left me, and abandoned me. We have been separated for over a year now, so I'm currently single and I don't have any kids or family left. I'm all alone..

I'm currently back in prison for a parole violation. My next parole date is February 2025, but I could get called back and released early because I'm just a parole violator and I don't have a case or any new charges, just an accusation that led to my parole violation.

I pass the time in here by making cards, drawing, tattooing, watching TV, listening to music, and working out. Outside of prison, I enjoy cooking, BBQing, swimming, boating, snowmobiling, camping, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, walking on the beach, and traveling. I just like to have fun and enjoy life! I also have my own business out there.

As you can guess, when you're alone and doing time it can get very lonely and depressing. So, I'm looking forward to meeting someone that I can create a friendship with, and possibly more. I'd like to meet a loving, caring woman with a good heart, between the ages of 30-60, that's capable of being honest, faithful, loyal, and real. I'm too old to have to lie to kick it and too grown for mind games, so please don't waste my time if you're not serious about meeting a good man that will give you the love and respect you deserve, who will treat you like the queen you are!

You can write and send pictures using the messaging service provided below and you can send me regular letters to the address listed below. I truly hope to hear from someone soon.

Until then,

God bless and thank you for your time and consideration.