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Hope this finds you in the best of health and spirit!

I'm Christian Allen, I'm 26 years young from Houston's Northside 5th Ward to be exact! I'm 5'7, 198 lbs, muscular built, cinnamon skin, dark brown-eyed, very athletic, outgoing, and big on knowledge and obtaining it. I'm Muslim and I'm devoted to Allah and the teachings and blessings!

I enjoy cooking, cleaning, working out, reading, meditation stretches, and listening to music. I'm used to having pets since a kid, so I like rabbits, dogs, reptiles, and fishes! I'm looking for a friend indeed that will take a few moments of time to understand my past, willing to help in correcting my present, and believing in my future. I have 25 years, but I won't let it define me. I'm the youngest out of three, so I'm kind of spoiled and can be a big baby at times (LoL). A person of nurture and wisdom is needed with a wild side also!

Well, I hope that I find the right person that's for me and only me. I believe in direct paths, so if you're in mine, it's for a reason, so why not give it a try! My facility accepts emessaging as the quickest way of staying in touch due to our unit not accepting paper mail, so please take the time to research and download the emessaging app (listed below) so our journey can begin in due time.