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Timothy Rtizler 68829-112 photo
Timothy Rtizler 68829-112 photo 2

Hello, my name is Tim. How are you?

I'm a first-timer on here, so I'm a little shy. I'm looking for friends, companions, and possibly that someone special. I'm very tired of being lonely and without someone in my life. I have nothing to hide; my life is an open book for any of you to read. We can exchange stories, photos, and our dreams.

These days and years in prison have only made me want my freedom more than ever, to never return to any cell. My time until I'm released is short, back out there next to you, if you want?

A few of my likes are trucks, traveling, and dirt bikes. I'm really into history and love visiting old, abandoned places that are rumored to be haunted. I want to travel to old spooky places and see what happens. I love all outdoor activities and all music genres.

I'm hoping for someone who will enjoy mail as much as I would, possible visits as well. Someone who appreciates a great smile and that everlasting hug. I pray there's someone for everyone. So if you took the time to read this far, check that button so we can be pen pals. (Institution rules: no double-sided pages, only 5 pages per envelope, all photos must be sent through Freeprints or companies alike).