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Hi, I'm Dan!

I'm looking to have engaging conversations about mutual interests with a person who enjoys music, literature, and comics as much as I do. We don't have to have the same tastes. I am always up for being exposed to something new. The world is too big to be narrow-minded.

Some authors I enjoy are Neil Gaiman, Frank Herbert, David Foster Wallace, Richard Dawkins, and Neal Stephenson.

A few bands I really love are: NIN, Panopticon, Tool, and RATM.

Some comic series I have devoured are:                                                                            "Descender" by Jeff Lemire                                                                                                            The "Dark Knight" trilogy by Frank Miller                                                                                  Anything by Peach Momoko

Oh yeah! I play Pathfinder (think D&D) with other inmates. A book review I wrote was published by the Prison Mathematics Project. My BS degree is from Texas A&M.

The elephant in the room is...

I was wrongly convicted of murder. My case is under active litigation. Suffice to say I've been completely misportrayed by the media. Additionally, I am acutely aware that the preceding statements could be cynically dismissed as being "exactly what someone like me would say" - again, that is if you choose to be cynical.

The 'normal' ship sailed a long time ago for me; if it left you behind too, we might have interesting conversations ahead of us.

Let's see...oh yeah...walks on the beach.

Using E-messages via the service listed below is the best way to converse. Although I WILL respond regardless. I look forward to meeting you!