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First off, I'd like to extend the best of greetings to that special someone who is searching for the same things in life: a newfound friendship, someone to talk to, and find comfort in, no matter the situation—good or bad. Times have changed, but nonetheless, I have kept from sharing my heart and time with someone "I can perhaps learn to love." And maybe even embrace the awkwardness of meeting someone new and getting to meet new friends. This is why I'm taking that leap of faith and putting myself out there. So if you’re willing to hear my story and maybe even tell me about yourself, I'm here.

Some of my hobbies include playing sports of all sorts. I also like to draw all types of art, and I enjoy working out and taking care of my mind and body. I'm also into reading and learning new things. Well, thank you for your time; I hope to hear from you and maybe start a new friendship.


Carlos Ayabar