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Huriel Hernandez Y33184 photo

Hey, first and foremost, I hope whoever is reading this is in the best of health and spirits, and may God bless you! Also, I am young, 25 years old, smart, outgoing, open-minded, and a very spiritual person.

I am not looking for any intimate relationship but am open-minded. I'm looking for genuine people who are willing to support, uplift a person when he's down, and need a shoulder to lean on and can help me get through these hard times! I only have a couple of years left, so I'm hoping to build friendships with genuine, loving people. Also, please do not, I repeat, please do not judge a book by its cover; you'll be surprised if you picked it up and saw the content!

Also, ways to contact me are through mail or the email information given eblow.

Hope to meet you soon. Also, thanks for caring!