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Hello! If you’re looking for an extremely positive person, that loves to listen, then you’re in luck! I would love to find a friend to laugh, cry, and relate with.

My days are spent doing all I possibly can to stay productive and busy, but I still find myself searching for something to keep my mind focused on the great things to come.

I am very artistic, and spend my free time painting and doing portraits in charcoal. I also love doing leather work, and can get lost watching my hands turn raw materials into treasures. To help these days fly by, I keep some music playing. My music taste is very eclectic, but it matches my personality. I love to dance, sing and smile, but I don’t find many people that share my optimism and happiness.

I’m a proud Tennessee country man. I love anything to do with water, riding motorcycles, and even flying small planes. I love being in nature, and keep the sights and smells locked in my memory. But I would love to hear about the way the sky looks at sunrise/sunset, or the sights, smells and sounds that touch you!

Sometimes friendship is needed more than anything, and I hope to bring my humor and attention to someone’s life.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Responses must be on 8 1/2 x 11 white paper and written on one side only. Will be able to call, text, and email after your first letter.