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James Galanis W116991 photo

Hi, my name is James Galanis. I am from Springfield, Massachusetts. I am 6'1" and weigh 260 pounds. I have green eyes, dark brown hair, and lots of tattoos, lol. I am a Leo, born on August 4th. I am a fun person, or so I am told. I like to have good conversations and am currently looking for a friend to get to know.

I am a barber by trade but have also done basically every laboring job you can think of. I am involved in programs trying to better my life. I hope to get to know some good people who can help me further my goals in life. I would like to help people who need it, such as kids, the homeless, etc., but I do not have the connections to do so yet. I know what a hard life is but also what hard times are like, but I have a loving heart.

I am Greek and have a big family. I am also a Christian. I hope to find someone to talk to who is a good person with a good heart like me. Well, I hope to hear from you soon.