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Jeremy Youngblood 631919 photo

I'm Jeremy, but people call me Jay. Let me give you a little info on me. I'm from New Orleans, 5'9" weighing 185 pounds, 30 years old. My whole body has fattened up since I've been incarcerated. I have received all education and rehabilitation available to me. Now, all I can do is sit back and wait for that day to be called to roll, but you feel me.

I'm looking for someone I can call my Forever. I don't do games; I'm looking for someone who knows what they want out of life. I know that we all make some bad decisions in life, but there's always someone to help that person through whatever it may be.

I'm loyal and down-to-earth. I love to cook and chill with family. I'm big on doing family things. I have one son, and he means the world to me. I'm open to new things, whatever it may be. I'm someone you will never want to leave your side. I feel every man with a dream needs a woman with a vision.

If you feel that you want to go further, you can contact me by the options below.