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Howdy... just joking, hahaha. What's good, all you positive people? As you can tell, I like to stay with a smile as well as stay positive and motivated even being in a place like this. Someone has to be the light, am I right? On another note, a little more about myself: as you can see, I just turned 31 years young, and I see parole again next year from a 2-year setback. I work in the yard/landscaping, so I do a little of everything. My hobbies are cutting hair, working out, reading, and just doing my best to stay goal-oriented.

To change the subject, I'm here just wanting to meet some more positive people who are continually seeking a better aspect of life. I'm trying to stay in contact with people who have great energy and are reaching to climb to the top step by step. A circle of bond of loyalty and success; not saying I'm the best or smartest, but they do say two heads are better than one. So let's climb and build. Allow me to know more about you, if you are willing. Let's get to understand one another; I'm a great listener. Well, hope to hear from you soon. God bless.