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Are you tired of being lonely and chasing male donkeys around? Instead, you'd rather find a nice unicorn you can talk to and possibly fly away with to a fantasy land filled with happiness. If yes, no need to look any further because I'm that unicorn.

I am an intelligent, endearing, dependable, honorable, and ambitious, guy. During my incarceration, I've focused on bettering myself through informal education. And I'd like to take a business management course. I spend my time reading, Day Trading, and being a mentor in the facility. I have an enormous interest in the stock market. So much so that I taught myself how to day trade which in turn made CNBC during the day my favorite channel to watch. I'm about living healthy so I meditate, practice yoga, eat as healthy as I can, work out, and play basketball. I like watching Love After Lock Up, 90 Day Fiancé, Shark Tank, NBA TV's Game Time, Manga anime on Toonami on Saturday nights, and most SciFi action movies. I mostly listen to Rap music and the Golden State Warriors are my favorite basketball team. All in all, I'm the most interesting prisoner in the world.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, but should you consider forging a friendship, here are some things I can promise to be for you: someone you can come to for comfort; eyes you can look into and trust; a heart that understands and doesn't judge; a supporting shoulder to cry on; a door that is open; and time devoted to you alone.

With that said I believe that a true friendship should be built on trust, respect, honesty, appreciation, sincerity, and attention. So I'm looking for a friendship, and whatever else may transpire with a woman who shares some of my interests and who can match my energy.

If this sounds like something you're interested in then don't hesitate to write me on my email carrier or I do have a social media account contact me to know them.