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Torrey Hammond 252282 photo

Finally, we have arrived at this point in our lives where all we have said and done was fully matured, allowing us to step out on our faiths like those long walks I like to take or the poetry I write that gives a little bit of me as I express all forms of love. But it is now time I trust in a real relationship, one that is built on a foundation of friendship that overlooks faults, failures, ages, and possessions we have amassed because we were not in the right places or the right times for a proper relationship. But thankfully, those moments prepared us for now, opening us up to the anticipation of possibilities of new likes, new ideas, new cares, and new laughs.

Sharing long conversations, our dreams are built on as we still stand on our core principles and enjoy what we deserve in the present. In this journey of each other's second chance, we should look to quench each other's feet by just saying, "hello" as I offer to cook for you, read books, watch movies, listen to music, or learn of your likes... When do we begin?