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My mentor tells me I use humor as a way to block out my feelings - the plus side to this is I am fun to be around! Plus, I don't panic when the sky is falling, and I can smile at whatever life throws at me. However, I fear it will cause me to miss out on deeper, more personal connections.

I came to prison when I was 18 years old. I had a very tortured soul, and I lived a destructive life. Twenty-four years later, I have transformed myself. I've matured and grown into the man my mother wanted me to become. As I come closer to possible release (I apply to the parole board in January of 2026), I look outside of these walls and wonder...

This is where you come in. I'm looking for a mature woman who is open to a meaningful connection. No worries - I'm honest, loving, funny, and safe. I promise not to bring any judgments or bad vibes to our friendship. I get busy in here at times going to college, being of service, and general hijinx - but I will make sure I am available for you. I can email, call, and write almost every day. Also, you can register as a contact on my messaging app anytime you want.

Thanks for checking me out.