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Lionel Williams 380843 photo

"The Hierophant"

My element is earth, and my ruling planet is Venus, the lover. I am known as the bull, with six being my favorite number. I am a delightful combination of strength and softness, dynamism, and compassion. My mind is methodical, careful, and decisive. To unfold the truth of my character by way of words will not illuminate who I am as a person.

Here, my display is limited, and my words are edited. You, my reader, can only get a fraction of me for now. I have a natural charm, which I don't mind expressing. I am a social being who appreciates the arts and the good things life has to offer. I'm seeking new friends.

Gender, age, or race is not important. I welcome everyone because it's mental, not physical love, that I need to relieve my thoughts and put my mind at ease. Since I've been incarcerated, I've earned a Master's of Arts Degree with honors. My time is spent training service dogs for veterans, I'm a Hospice Volunteer for terminally ill patients, and I build furniture (a hidden talent). I enjoy working out, reading, listening to music, and the game of life (Chess).

My future goal is to become a successful entrepreneur. My company is drafted mentally; I just have to download it. I hope that you hear opportunity knocking and allow your curiosity to open the door because possibilities are limitless. Don't hesitate to write. I look forward to your response.