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How would your life be different if…you stopped allowing other people to dilute/poison your day with their words and opinions?  Let today be the day…you stand strong in the truth of your beauty and journey through your day without attachment to the validation of others.

We’re all searching for something, whether it’s God’s Love, our purpose in life, or our identity as individuals.  I'm searching for open-minded people who are willing to build a real and lasting friendship in which we nurture and feed each other’s mind and spirit.  A friendship in which we, not only exchange ideas and share life experiences, but share our inner struggles also. These types of friendships can only exist in a sacred space where we can be ourselves, without fear of ridicule or judgment.  So it’s this sacred space I wish to create with you; one which allows 2 spirits to meet and connect on a higher plane.

I want to get to know the real you.  I say and emphasize the real you because a lot of us have been conditioned by society to suppress certain aspects of our character.  After so long, we’ve created this image that’s socially acceptable, but not a full, realistic depiction of ourselves.  Never become a slave to someone else’s opinion of you.

I enjoy reading, poetry, chess, meditating and building real friendships with real people.  If this sparks something in you, don’t hesitate; your letter I await.

Stay focused, push and Believe!!