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Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I like meeting new people from all over the world with a good heart. I love learning new things and life. 

Your relationship status, age, race, religion, or way of life, ect. - none of that matters to me. I'm open as long as you are willing to tell me all about it or about yourself. I love to listen and I won't judge. 

Everyone needs someone outside the circle who you can tell anything and won't pick sides. I like to read, watch movies, and listen to all kinds of music as long as the lyrics makes sense and the beats sound good. 

I like to work out and take long walks to think or clear my mind. But there's nothing like having someone to talk to and write, someone who cares or even listens. I hope one day I find that special pen-pal and friend who I could be the same with. 

I take classes and programs to better myself. I am learning new working skills and still working on my appeals. I learned my lesson and my freedom, family, and friends are more important. 

So, I'm changing my way of thinking and changing my way of life, so maybe you could help (smile). 

I hope to hear from you soon through letters or www.JPay. com. (Please put your address in the body of the message.)

Just a reminder, JPay does not give out your address or any personal information. So, please type and send me your address and phone number. And for the people who I haven't responded to, well now you know why. You forgot to send me your address and phone number.

Thank you.