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Hey World,

Living behind these walls is not the end for me. It’s a minor setback to a major comeback. I utilize my time productively by writing books and formulating other positive ideas. I am a newly published author by the pen name “GRIMY JONES”…book is called “CODE 205”…and is currently available online with Amazonbooks.com and Barnes & Noble.com It’s the most controversial book in this decade written by one of the most brilliant minds on the Urban scene. This novel is mind boggling and factual, plus it’s very entertaining taking your imagination to the unknown. It’s my first published material but other manuscripts are completed. I’m in progress for my new book to come out soon. I’ve also been pursuing being an actor. I’ve been featured in comedy skits, music, videos and I am in a Drama series called “THE MAG” that can be watched on Felicia GeecheOne Rivers” Facebook page…also check out things I’m involved with…


AND MUSIC VIDEO: https://youtu.be/H7f3LHsdPw .....that’s me with the beard at the beginning of the video…HaHaHa