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Hello everyone, 

My name is Delfino Juarez. Let's see if it's hard for someone to describe themselves cause they know themselves the best. 

Well, to start off, I'm a laid back, open-minded person whose mistakes at a young age landed me in a bad predicament. Don't let my crime or looks confuse you, I am one of the kindest people you can meet. 

I'm 6 feet tall. I was born in Chicago on September 14, 1990 and I Mexican, German, and Irish. I have brown eyes and I love tattoos, receiving or doing them. I'd like to open a tattoo shop one day. 

A like to draw & paint. I try to write poetry, but I don't think I'm too good at it. I like being outdoors. I was mostly raised in the country in Texas and North Carolina, so I've traveled a lot. 
I know society outside of prison looks at all prisoners as lowlifes of humanity, but not all of us are like that. There still are a few good men in prison. I don't speak for all, but I hope that if you contact me I can change your perception on at least one of us. 

Please feel free to ask anything. I don't judge people, it's not my place. I have a good sense of humor and like to laugh as well as make others laugh. 

Well, I don't know if I've piqued your interest. If I have, you know where to find me. 

Take care.