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Hello potential friend,

I understand we never met before; so at this moment I’m a stranger, but I promise there is no danger.  All I ask is to become a friend, and to protect you from boredom.  You may be asking yourself; could he really be a friend?  Could I give him a chance in my life; or would he let me down like others?  But the only way to truly answer that is for us to have the opportunity to get to know one another.

I really can’t cherish my feelings, but I can cherish this pen.  Giving thanks to the ink inside of it; as it helped me locate a potential friend.  I hope you’re the one to shed light in this dark place, it’s been a long dark race.  A lot of people have left me for dead, but I don’t need pity or pennies.  I just need a friend to the end. 

I found my better day, now I’m hoping you will walk with me the rest of the way.  Please try to enjoy the rest of the day, but when you get a moment please send a letter my way.