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Hello and how you doing,

Thank you for taking the time to check me out. I’m on here today in search of a friend, someone who I can correspond with, who’s mature, living life, who I can exchange experiences with. I’m looking forward to building friendships with people outside of these walls, reason being, I got arrested at 14 years old for the worst decision of my life. I was deeply involved in gangs and drugs, although I’m definitely not proud of who I used to be, I did come out a better person. I’ve learned a lot from my past mistakes.

Today I’m developing into a man of character who’s proudly taking college classes and self-help groups in pursuit of rehabilitation to regain my freedom soon. I’m 28 and just taking this chance in hopes of finding someone that can help me see this world in another perspective other than through a prisoner’s eyes.

I enjoy writing, reading and listening to music. One of my pastimes is working and my best stress reliever is exercising.

So maybe you can share some things about yourself; like some pastimes or what brought you to this site. Whatever the reason, I’m really looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.