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How are you doing on this spectacular day?  I'll get straight to the point, I'm only here for friends.  I ain't here looking for love or seeking financial assistance.  If you love business. animals and growing your garden, or maybe sanding down old cars and painting them, that's me.  Yes I love to cook and love to laugh. 

I workout daily and my passions are many, from health to fine art and jewelry design.  I'm an artist by nature.  I paint large landscapes in color and coffee.  Yes, that stuff most drink, I paint with it. 

I'm Irish, French and American Indian.  Love horses, can't wait to get to and spoil ‘um rotten.  My horses and dogs would all run to me because they knew I didn't forget ‘um - I had ‘um a treat. 

I don't smoke or use drugs, never have.  I have no tattoos and would love to cast sculptures in concrete of life size subjects.

If we write, I will want to know you from your blood pressure, favorite foods, pets, plants, trees, flowers, places, seasons, Have you ever been fishing, can you dance, sig or do even 1 push up?  

Please include your physical address if you J pay me.  At my facility we can't email, only snail Mail. 

Have a great day.  I hope to hear from you.  Anyone that takes the time to write me, I will respond back to.   Friends come in every shape, size, age and color.