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I’m Arturo.

I call the universe, fate and Gods to align the moon and stars in perfect order for me to meet my destiny.

I am a 38 single Mexican Capricorn born in Chicago, father of two daughters ages twenty and twenty-one, a political prisoner convicted of murder and attempted murder.  Isolated in a Max prison and subjected to administrative detention under allegation of me being a negative influence and a gang leader for a gang known as A.L.K.& Q.N.  Through it all I'm back in court to prove my innocence and retain my freedom, battling corrupted prosecutors and government officials that accuse me falsely by putting me under the sex offender category in the I.D.O.C. website, yet never been accused/charged nor convicted of sexual crimes.  I’m consistently proving my innocence against my adversaries, prepared to retain my freedom and be out into society, meet my soul mate, spend romantic moments together, travel the world enjoying candle lit dinners in the islands of the Pacific, sipping to wine under the moon and stars living peaceful, happily and complete.

I ask destiny to allow a special lady to read this, inviting you to connect with me through email by signing up an application at   Insert my name and ID# (Arturo Orozco  ID#R25704)

I thank the universe, fate and Gods for allowing your eyes to read this message, email me today and tonight.  I will gladly respond.  Thanks.




Songs:  “Mi Princesa” by Remmy Valenzuela

“Una Flor” by Ozuna

“Princesa” by Mr. Magic

“Superman” by Brown Boy

“Beautiful” by Bazzi