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First and foremost, allow me to say “Thank you” for reading my profile.  I know that you could be doing a million and one other things at the present moment, so I sincerely appreciate you sharing your time as well as your attention with me - two valuable commodities that I strongly look forward to reciprocating back with you.

My name is Toshumbi, I'm 36 years young from Petersburg, Virginia (a small city with big dreamers).  I come into this experience with the aspiration of meeting and getting to know some genuine people through the means of exchanging thoughts, ideas and perspectives which may and hopefully can lead to a meaningful friendship in the future.  My only request is that you simply be yourself.

I'm aware of the fact that knowing who you are is an essential element to any type of relationship being productive, but instead of telling you how honest, loyal or real I am (which everybody proclaims to be these days, right?).  LOL

I'd rather just give you the opportunity to get to know me yourself, and make your own assessment (just please don't judge me off of the picture, I've never been very photogenic).  LOL   I will say that I'm a cool dude though, and I'm sure that you will be able to recognize that early. 

A few of my interests are; any type of sport that involves a ball and creative writing.  I aspire to write a bestseller one day.  I believe with an idea and a strategy anything is possible.

If you are interested in conversing, don't hesitate to respond - and keep in mind that the world’s most valuable jewels are found in the deepest and darkest places.

Once again, thank you for your time and attention.  I look forward to hearing from you!!!