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They can hold my body captive, they however cannot imprison my mind or my imagination. Nor can they stop me from sharing it…in the most unlikely circumstances sometimes a treasure is discovered…dare to be adventurous??

My name is Matthew and I’m extremely motivated and ambitious. I’m always open to new ideas, very determined and all about growth and development. I keep a positive outlook on life no matter what it throws at me, for I understand life is real, so is the struggle I represent it…

I’m looking to network and stay in tune with society. I want open, honest friendship; no restrictions, no restraints. We can share our views and goals about all aspects of life without fear of being judged. A safe place to unleash the raw realness of who we are. Meeting regularly through phone calls, emails, letters and visits. So if you have a desire for a challenge, an urge to let the fire inside you rage freely and a taste for adventure. Then take a chance.


Tryna B Remembered