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This is more than an ad for me, this is my chance to hopefully meet my future friend. At the same time my ad could be the reason for you to step outside of your shell. This isn’t easy to try and interest you with my words. Allow me to show you that I am the person who will always make you feel special and important in my life. I will guarantee my loyalty, honesty and respect you, who you are as a friend. There is so much more to me than this picture and words.

Get to know who I am as a person. Our future can be written by you responding to my ad. I haven’t given up on me after all these years. My mind and body have endured throughout the years of incarceration to be sane and healthy.

What I miss the most is the personal relationship of a true friend. If you are out there and feel like me sometimes in a room full of people, yet still feel lonely then contact me. Let us be one another’s stone (rock).

I will never hurt your feelings I will only bring security and stability to your life. If you are looking for some positive uplifting experience in your life from a man then please respond to my ad. I made the first move, now it’s up to you. I also have a text# so reach out whichever way is convenient. (Send me a message and will send you my #).


Raul Moreno