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Sending out smoke signals…..This is not a test, there’s a Texan in distress!!

If you’ve decided to continue, you’ve taken the first step and there’s no turning back now.  This is your chance to go big and embark on a journey most are afraid to venture on.  Seeing as how you’ve already separated yourself from the rest, you’ve got to know there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.  One thing is for sure, the reward out weight the price of postage by far!!

My name is Raul but my friends call me “Lucky”, ironic as it may be.  I’m from Texas but now find myself lost behind these walls.

Given only 250 words to explain myself is rather difficult, so I’ve chosen 12 to sum it up:  I’m far from an angel but only because I’ve misplaced my wings.

I’m not trying to find my soul-mate and there are no expectations, strings attached, or any fine print to read…I’m searching for a few new friends, since all my so called friends are gone.  So if you’re looking for an easygoing but REAL individual, you’ve found me!  With that said, I am currently accepting all applications.

If any part of this has brought a smile to your face, a simple reply is enough to bring one to mine.  Take a chance, you may like what you find.

Venture on a journey where the satisfaction is guaranteed.  Will reply to all.