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Oh the agony of uneaten chocolate, should we fail to meet. Because empathy is my religion; and I'm funny, kind and sweet. Hunger, laughter, tears, pain and love; you'd be amazed at what I've been through. All before the age of two! In so many ways, I'm just like you.

Please reserve your judgment until you've heard my story, please forget I'm in jail. I'll be honest, considerate and unique in every way; you'll always look forward to my mail.

Things I love: emotional novels, walking talks, drawing and painting, writing and writing, dancing and yoga, animals and pets, meditation and chocolate.

Things I don't love: humidity, dentists and lawyers, rude and aggressive people, politics and lies, anchovies and ingrown toenails.

I'm John (such a rare name! Imagine being named after a toilet...Imagine every letter being a "Dear John" letter!...), I've been incarcerated for years and I'm still fighting my conviction, please wish me luck.  Denver, Colorado is home, but I've lived all over and worked many occupations, including but not limited to the military, a waiter, a welder, a (cough, cough) dancer, a driver, a salesman, and an entertainer on stilts.  My next jobs will be a mural painter and writer.

"In America it's far safer to be rich and guilty than poor and innocent."    -----Janet Reno, US Attorney General

"Shared happiness is a double happiness, shared sadness is half sadness."