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My name is Ali and I’m 40 years old. I’m a sincere practicing Muslim.

Before coming into the understanding of Al-Islam, I was caught up in the streets. When I lived that life, I lived it to the fullest. I sold drugs and harmed people. I was a product of the wrong choices and of my environment.

The greatest blessing in my life has been Islam. I’ve grown and changed a lot. The only thing I'm lacking is someone to share this growth with. Someone who can lend a positive word of encouragement from time to time.

I'm a very eager and positively motivated person. I’dd love to share the man that I am with a woman who is ready for that change within herself as well. I’m not concerned with any particular race as Islam is all inclusive. The beauty I’m looking for is the beauty contained in your heart and mind.

I promise good, deep conversation. I’m ready for the next leg of my journey. Will you be the woman to travel with me and let Allah shine his light on you? If you are ready to get rid of everything in your life that is holding you back and adopt everything that will propel you forward and onward, I’m ready to travel and build with you.

Please don’t get caught up in this in the media's misconception of Islam. Take a chance and allow truth to speak for itself. You have to be tired of men lying to you, cheating on you, beating on you, and not supporting yourself self-esteem.

The man I’m today embodies higher principles and ideals. I’m the man you can trust, confide in, and rely on. I am more concerned with living my truth then living up to the false expectations of society.

I hold no expectations on who writes to me. I’ll respond to anyone who takes time out of their life to write me. Yes, I am Muslim and no you do not have to be Muslim.


in all the truth and guidance of Allah and his prophet Muhammad,

Wa-salaam (Peace)