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My name is Jemmie.  Iā€™m 6ā€™ 1ā€ tall, 240 lbs., 39 years old and in good shape.  I've been in prison since I was 15, no breaks.   Still paying for the biggest mistake of my life.  It's almost time for me to get my second chance.  I've already made some good changes. 

Now I'm looking for some positive friends to help me prepare for the next chapter in my life.  I'm not trying to look or move backwards.  I've been disappointed a lot over the years and I've learned from those disappointments.

I'm searching for people to help me continue my growth.  Someone to share some good times with and help me stay focused on making the right choices to better myself.  Hopefully I can do the same for them. 

I spend most of my time here training and grooming dogs.  That's my job and my hobby.  Keeps me busy and helps my days go by smooth.  I love all animals and learning about them.

I also love listening to music and watching horror movies.  90ā€™s R&B is my favorite music.  The Walking Dead is my favorite TV show.  I also love anything that will give me a good laugh. 

Well, that's just a little about myself.  If you are interested, I'm looking forward to getting to know you.  Hopefully we can build something that will last.

PS.  For the quickest response, get in touch with me by using the Jpay app.