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I am truly sorry for the crimes I once committed and am just seeking forgiveness and understanding from others and the people that I have hurt.

Most of my time in prison is spent helping others appeal their conviction. I’m really good with the law from my studies in school. Since Texas doesn’t give inmates an attorney for post conviction appeals, I spend a lot of time working on other’s Writ of Habeas Corpus’s. I have had a lot of successful writs go through the courts and feel proud that I’m able to help people overturn their life sentences and grant them a new trial. Texas is a very tough State to deal with and I feel very lucky to find the right people and cases that are able to have their appeals granted.

When I am not in the law library, I like to keep busy reading spiritual material. I’ve become very fond of Buddhism and Eastern Religion. Right now I’m studying a book on dreams.

Anybody wishing to write, I will respond to any letters, messages or Jpays, just please include your name and return address in your letter. My unit does not allow me to email back so I have to write back through postal mail.

Look forward to hearing from you.