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First and foremost, I was born and raised as a Christian in Baltimore, Maryland. I strayed from God's word and as a result, I have experienced both joy and pain in my life but I still remain an eternal optimist. (smile) Therefore, I am seeking to meet someone that possesses a real zest for life in an effort to establish a "true and lasting" friendship.

I enjoy traveling so in 1980, I ventured to Colorado Springs, Colorado, to visit my brother as he was stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado. Even though I am 6’ 6” feet tall I had never seen enormously high mountains so I found them to be absolutely awesome. I enjoy playing chess, sports, lifting weights, good movies and good music.

I believe in honesty and look forward to establishing a friendship with you so I must inform you of my situation... Currently, I have been incarcerated for 22 years on a controlling 40 year life sentence for drug charges. I hope to get out of prison soon through my current round of appeals which are pending in the Colorado court of appeals. Even though I have learned a lot about the law through my efforts to help other inmates and myself, I still know only a fraction of the law so I will appreciate any advice or legal assistance that may be available as I intend to appeal my cases in the Federal Courts if needed.

I shall also seek to have my sentences commuted by the Governor because the law and sentences for distributing small amounts of drugs have been reduced significantly in Colorado over the past five years. More importantly, I have been involved in programs designed to uplift our troubled youth to abandon their destructive lifestyles. I pray Governor Hickenlooper will recognize and appreciate my work.

Like many in my position, my story is an unfortunate one. Nevertheless, I remain confident, strong, hopeful and upbeat. I have been told that my smile, plus my positive and caring attitude, is encouraging to others. I love and value my relationship with my family and my friends even though most of them reside on the east coast. My mom just turned 89 years of age which is truly a blessing! (smile) She gives me hope that I still have a lot of life to live as I am extremely proud of the fact that I recently celebrated my 55th birthday. Thus, I can truly appreciate an opportunity to share thoughts, ideas and experiences with a mature person that relishes the idea that we are not getting any older, we are simply getting BETTER!!! (smile)

Please believe me when I say unto you, “God is Great- all the time- and all the time-God is great.”  Let me explain; I have been praying for another chance at life in the free world and last year, the Colorado legislator passed a law granting me “earned time” on my sentence.  As a result I will now be eligible for parole in approximately 7 ½ years with the possibility of being paroled in 6 years if I continue to be awarded “earned time” for good behavior.   Will be good (smile)!  

I'm hoping to find a true friend so if you are interested in this opportunity to establish a true friendship, I will be excited and pleased to hear from you soon.

With care,


P.S. After celebrating Christmas and welcoming the New Year, I regret not smiling in my photo because instead of thinking about the fun I might have had outside of prison, I still have lots of things to be grateful and so do you. Life is truly beautiful!! (smile) Enjoy it! (Smile)

P.S2 Life is truly a very, very beautiful thing and I must confess that it has been a long 22 years in prison. However, I can now begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel. I would love to talk about a wonderful future, so contact me. (Smile)