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Hi People!

I'm Russell and I'm excited to meet people through Write A Prisoner.   My goal is to develop a lasting friendship that I feel is rare in our culture today.  

I feel I gained many tools that will help me accomplish these goals with listening and communication as key.   I am a tattoo artist that since incarceration shifted to drawing and painting.    I am working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Business through a University to help establish an art business upon my release (which might be within a couple of years).   My business will be more than tattoos and drawings, I wish to bring a diverse product and service line that will impact the local community and gain an increase in the art culture.   My eventual goal is to experience success not just for my business but to help those that are less fortunate in the community, and hopefully provide them with better opportunities using donations and sponsorships.

This is a sample of me, now I can't wait to hear from you!