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You cannot make a friend until you have met a stranger! I truly believe bonds forged in the most ironic circumstances are those that last the longest. I am hoping those who are positive influences in my life as I transition back to society in less than a year after 20 years! Someone who enjoys life to the fullest and has an excellent sense of humor…a meeting of the minds so to speak, who shares in being open, honest, versatile and enjoys challenges/new adventures. I am fun and easygoing, enjoy working out, singing, sports, traveling and reading and the excitement at meeting new people. I live by the mantra, “Make your todays better than your yesterdays” and hope to find more who believe the same. Race, creed, age do not matter, only a great heart and open mind! Journey with me, living in the “now” with endless possibilities awaiting in the future embarking on a new path and being ale to enjoy every minute…the next move is yours.


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