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I could start this with how funny I am, cause I am cool like that :) or tell you how prison has transformed my life for the better as I’ve elevated through art, reading and writing which are my contribution to change which you can view @rebelswitacause.com, check it out, professionally thank you.

I could even tell you 100 different ways how I am “real”, “authentic” I am “through” not a wanker, sucka or a heart breaker and I am just looking to vibe with new people and network.

Or coo! I could show you how deep I can get intellectually with an elevated soul felt cliched epigram like: LOL! Compose pause for emphasis…

“They say, you never truly find yourself till you’ve passed through many heartbreaking struggles then truly you’ve become one with whom you are to be.

So if you’ve been through anything and you’ve aligned with your inner being then you know the feeling, you know the clarity, you know the vibe.

At the end of the day where would all that leave us? Or better yet, cause at this point I just gave you a witty sales pitch about me LOL! On different levels, hoping to have made you smile, broken up the monotony and the wondering was it good enough to have you reach through so we can share a laugh on why I wrote this like this and why my picture is upside down! LOL!

Reach me through JPAY, send a pic.