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This is my first time trying something like this (meeting new people through a pen pal site) so bear with me! 

Here's a little about me. My name as Terence. I'm 32 years young lol! I am from Detroit, Michigan. I am 5' 9" with an athletic build that's due to my daily regimen of working out. By no means am I a "muscle jerk". 

I am all about growth and development of the mind, so I'm always taking on challenges and rolling in different programs they offer. I'm currently trying my hand at Spanish, which is a super challenge. But I got it! I'm spontaneous, adventurous, and I thrive off positive vibes and energy. 
I am a good listener and friends.

I am passionate about cooking. In my eyes I'm the best chef ever. I am laid back and can be shy at times. I am looking for people that's outspoken to help me come out of my shell. I'm looking to connect with a wonderful woman whose outspoken, smart, caring, and who's willing to take the time to get to know me and not judge me because of my past mistakes. It goes both ways! 

So, if you're as optimistic as I am about the possibilities of trying something new and if you like what you've read and see so far, hit me up. I'll be waiting to hear from you! 

When you do write please make sure that you put your address on the letter. We are not allowed to have the envelopes that are letters come in.