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Growth, Change and Communication

(Inspired by a true story)…

Hello Write A Prisoner; What’s your name? My name’s Rodrekis or Rodie for short. I’m here to be honest about myself and what I hope to accomplish. I’d like to earn your trust, receive some positive feedback, guidance and an opportunity to make a difference.

Being convicted of robbery and assault – I was sentenced to 20 years in prison. I regret those bad decisions, not only because I’ve missed so much in life but because what I did was wrong and selfish. I inflicted serious injury to an innocent person and my children had to grow up without me. I’m not proud of that and for years the pain of guilt, loss and abandonment drove me angry and almost to the point of no hope.

But today, with God and hard lessons learned, I’ve found a new profound hope. One of forgiveness and a second chance where I want people to see the changes I’ve made. But I can’t do it alone; I could really use a friend. So please, will you be my pen pal?

I’m currently at a minimum custody work-release camp where I’ll be released within the next 10 months. I work full time in the kitchen and I’ve earned my GED and certifications within the sewing enterprise, HVAC technician, commercial cleaning and basic computer application. I enjoy working part-time as a cosmetologist and I volunteer my time within NA and Recovery groups. Although I’m not perfect, I am eligible for the Federal Bonding program which can ensure my honesty and integrity on a job. I’m definitely looking forward to working full-time and being a responsible member of society.

Additionally – my goal is to become a Professional Peer Support Counselor for troubled youth, so hopefully they won’t make the same mistakes I have or worse. I have a second chance at life and I want to build good relationships.

Therefore, wherever you may be out there – thank you for your time in reading this. I look forward to your response.