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Do you think that freedom can be a state of mind?

Over the years I've mulled over this question faithfully.  Being incarcerated for a decade, I've come to the conclusion, but yes, I can have a free state of mind.  I wish that it was as simple as just stating and claiming it, but, I've learned that I have to practice and believe it also.  I try to stay active to exercise and solidify this belief. 

I love to laugh and joke constantly.  I read (a lot), I work out and play around to stay fit.   Somewhere along the line I discovered that I enjoy writing, especially to different people that I meet on this site.  It helps to escape and forget about these confinements for a brief moment, and on this end, small reprieves like that go a long way.

I'm just looking for someone's ear to bend, someone's mind that I can cross, someone who I can share and laugh with, someone who can brighten my life by being a friend.

If you're on this site looking for a pastime, a distraction, some company or any of the other reasons that ā€œIā€ listed, I hope that you pick me for all of the above and I look forward to hearing from you.

I purposely omitted a lot about myself, to encourage you to ask questions.  for the most part, I'm an open book, so please don't hesitate or be shy.  I promise that I won't!

Oh, if it makes much difference, I'm a Baltimore Ravens fan!  With football season here, I felt I should share that.

P.S.  I only have access to snail mail, so, please excuse any delayed responses.  Also, if you use Jpay, please make sure to list your address in the message so that I can write back.

Take care and have a great day!