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I’m not coming to this site with the same old narrative that every basic individual comes with. So here we go. I’m a mixture of everything and every day I’m evolving to become a better person. I’m a young OG that got a lil of all worlds. I’m that sophisticated, ambitious, gentleman, lover boy, cultured, open minded and boss nature, mixed into this sexy, papacito you see in your screen LOL…JK, got to be funny too because my world aint just black and white, it’s vivid and colorful.

I’m looking for a female friend that’s open minded, down to earth, straightforward, willing to talk about anything and everything. Someone that’s willing to experience something new, keep it 100 and willing to bestow their blessings on me.

I’m 29, 5’9”, tatted up, always stay fresh, love art, socializing, discovering new things and adrenaline. Born in Chicago, 100% Mexican blood, I’m a Cancer – so you know I got it LOL…my homies call me “trigga man”, all about family, can and will talk about anything and always try to look at the bright side of things.

Sorry! I’m going to leave it here to keep it interesting. I’m be glad any of you lovely ladies will grace me with your presence. If you choose to and I hope you do, you can always email me too on my tablet through www.connectnetwork.com. When they ask what institution I’m in it’s – Illinois department of Corrections I.D.O.C.