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Hello world! *smile* I'm almost free! After serving 11 years, I only have 2 remaining and I'm using this time to prepare for my release. I'm writing this profile in hopes that I will connect not only with positive & supportive friends, but especially with someone (like a mentor) who is willing to offer help & advice on adjusting to life "OUTSIDE". LOL Above all, I desire a healthy, drug-free life, away from criminal activity and negative influences.

A little info about me... I'm a down-to-earth woman who delights in the great outdoors. Some activities I enjoy are camping, hiking & fishing. Whether landscaping or gardening, I take great joy in working with my hands. I also love to cook, & keep fit by running 6 days a week. Reading, painting, beading & playing guitar (although terribly), are a few of my hobbies. I'm also truly passionate about my Native American spirituality. I enjoy most music, but I adore the Blues.

Since my incarceration, I've worked diligently to improve myself through education & programming. Ex: Apprenticeship in Landscape Management, Diploma - Landscaping, & Certification - Horticulturist/Master Gardener. Upon my release, my goal is to find work in a related field, or government agency such as US Forestry Dept. or Bureau of Land Management. Yes, they hire felons. *wink*

I hope to hear from you soon!