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My name is Rodney and I'm looking for a friend who can help me reconnect to a life beyond these walls.

After 9 years of incarceration I've come to deeply value those which can only be shared, isolation and loneliness have taught me to be humble, and there is strength found in coping with those hardships prison fosters.  But life is more than mere survival, and I need more than this dismal existence can offer.

I enjoy reading books, weight lifting, playing chess, listening to music and writing poetry, but words on paper are like photographs which can only catch a moment of a person in a flash - with nothing to complete it.  I can dwell in the memories of the past when I was still graced by another's love.  I can listen to songs on the radio and be fed by the melodies.  I can lose myself in the enticement of authors but these paltry imitations can only keep my heart alive in increments without someone to share them with.

I know you don't have to be trapped in prison to feel like I do.  I know how inner walls can combine more than just the soul.    It's taken me a long time to be brave enough to lay myself bare before a stranger, but I know now how necessary it is to trust and hope.  And so here I am in this new direction, stepping forward……