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First of all, my name is Kyle. I am currently incarcerated in Texas, though I am from South Carolina. I hope to make parole soon, In the mean time, I would like a companion, pen-pal, and friend. Who knows where this could lead?

Some things about myself you should know. I have a few hobbies. I like to read, I’m a decent artist and love working out. My health is important to me. I am 40 years old but feel 25. Being 40, I’m a big fan of 80’s and also like the 90’s Rock and all country.

When I am home, I love boating and swimming on many of the lakes and rivers near home. I’m also an iron worker/welder. So you could say, I work hard and play hard!

There are a lot of things I miss, one that really stands out is a companion, someone to care for and to care for me. I don’t have any preferences, like blonde hair, blue eyes, tall or short… What I’m interested in is you! Who you are, your personality, what you’re interested in and what makes you happy or sad. Where have you and been, and more importantly, where are you going? We only live once and this experience has taught me how precious and valuable time is.

Well, I have to say it has been a chore trying to sum up my interests in 250 words. So what I suggest is, drop me a ling and we can get to know each other.