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Hello. My name is Kevin. I’d like to take this brief notation of time to introduce myself. I’m a 42 year old Scorpio, who enjoys reading, writing, and watching sports. I’ve been incarcerated several years now, with the release date approaching soon (hopefully).

Like many, I’ve made mistakes in the past, but look now toward a brighter, positive future. Writing has been a hobby of mine throughout these years, so any correspondence sent to me, will be appreciated and immediately answered.

One can never have enough friends while inside these walls and a caring letter goes a long way. Inspiring inmates to keep a positive attitude, as well as mind frame, can make life in here much easier than the outside world realizes.

I look forward to developing a newfound friendship with someone willing to explore and experience it as well. No obligations or expectations will be of concern to me. Genuine friendship is what I truly seek. Just getting to know someone and creating that friendship with them is coo with me. Should the universe unfold something different, will be determined.

Any inquiries, curiosities, or just questions you may have, feel free to ask. I will answer them all honestly. As I’ve learned the hard way about lying in relationships, and I figure Friendships will warrant the same honesty also. So, a newfound friendship awaits you if interested.

Thanks for your time.