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I hope this finds you in the best of health and high spirit.  I believe we can share some common interests, morals, responsibilities and value.  Hopefully we can be accustomed to each other in support, advice, time and needs. 

My name is Arturo Cantu.  I’m Hispanic, 5’7” tall, weigh 170 pounds, and from Dallas, Texas. I do a lot of traveling and working when I’m out there in the beautiful place we here call the free world.   I have a number of tattoos, literally I have my whole upper half complete.  I have a passion for art, music and wisdom.  Something about good energy brings happiness.  I’m 26 years old with a mind frame like I’m 35.  I’m very intelligent, confident, and very certain I’m nowhere near shy.

I’m currently a full time student.  I’m always u for challenges opportunities, accomplishments and goals.  Hard work is a must; I’ve always been the type to push for what I want.  I’m also very humble, mature and caring.  Please don’t label me a bad guy for distracting your time, I honestly doubt you’ll be disappointed.  I’m a strongly believe there’s always room for improvement.

A friend is what I am in search of.  Someone to share thoughts and ideas, at times dreams, and if necessary, an ear to listen.  I’m open minded on all aspects of levels.  Feel free to be you and all I ask is to remain real with me at all times.  God bless you, the family and kids.  Forever sleep with the angels.